roof inspectionWould you go an entire year without changing the oil in your car? Doing so would be a disaster. Now, imagine the same situation happening to your roof. Unbeknownst to many, there are a lot of things that happen to the roof as time passes by. Your roof might go for years without needing repairs but it doesn’t mean that a roof inspection is no longer needed. Inspections are necessary to keep the roof in working order for the longest time possible. But how often should you have your roof inspected? Let’s find out!

The perfect time to have a roof inspection:

Basically, there are three or four instances that are perfect to have a roof inspection Columbia, SC. First off, there’s springtime. This is the most ideal time to have your roof inspected. The weather is fair and conditions make it easier to perform the inspection. If you can’t find the time to have your roof inspected during this time, you can always go for a mid to late fall inspection. Again, the same conditions remain, making these months still ideal to have a roof inspection. You can still have inspections done during the summer but it might not be as easy since the heat in some areas can be unbearable.

There are also particular seasons that often call for a roof inspection. During stormy seasons, your roof can take a beating from either water, wind, or hail. Either way, after a strong storm hits your area, it is best to have the roof inspected to check whether there are damages or not. However, a roof inspection is just half of the battle. You will need a roofing contractor to do the inspection. Finding a reliable roof, however, is an entirely different story.

Finding a roofing contractor that does a thorough inspection

Roofing services vary from one company to another. With that said, you can’t expect the same level of quality from all the roofers that you encounter. This is why you should take time when searching for the right roofing contractor. To find filter out the good ones from the rest, follow these tips:

Make sure that the roofer is licensed – it is important to hire a licensed roofing contractor like CHS Roofing Contractors. Be wary of roofers that operate without a license. You might find yourself in a tight spot if you hire an unlicensed roofer and things go wrong.

Choose a roofer that’s insured – the roofing contractor must also be insured. Working on the roof is a dangerous occupation. There’s the risk of falling and other dangerous circumstances. Be sure to double check all the information you get.

Check the Better Business Bureau for cross-referencing – if you want to be 100% sure that the roofer you hire is completely legit, you can always check the BBB website and search the name of the roofers on your list. You can find red flags if any. This will give you the assurance that the roofer you plan on hiring doesn’t have any bad records on file.

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