roofing inspectionsRoofing inspections are important. In fact, it is a necessary task to keep problems at bay. Other than that, a roof inspection is more than just your routine checkup. When you hire a roofing contractor to do an inspection, it isn’t just about finding possible issues on your roof, it’s about protecting your investment. After all, a roof can cost thousands of dollars to replace. Keeping your roof in top shape and preventing costly repairs are just some facts to ponder. But what goes into a roofing inspection? What does a roofing contractor do and how?

If you are oblivious to what goes into roofing inspection, read below:

DIY roof inspection vs. expert roof inspection

You can choose to do your own roof inspection. It’s easy to just grab a ladder and do a visual checkup of your roof. Good results aren’t always guaranteed. Even if you find some issues, how will you proceed? However, when you hire a professional for roofing inspections Columbia, SC, you are making sure that the problems on and in your roof are all accounted for. After the inspection, the roofing contractor will provide you a detailed report on all the issues found, the condition of your roof, and what actions need to be taken. There are several steps that roofers do before completing an inspection. Each part holds high value.

What to expect from professional roof inspections:

Structural inspection – the roofer will inspect both inside and outside the roof. The roofing contractor will then assess the condition of the roof based on the visual inspection. Unlike your average DIY roof inspection, roofers are trained professionals with an exceptional eye for detail. They can easily detect whether a simple crack is more than just a crevice on the roof. In general, the overall structure of the roof will be inspected and assessed.

Material inspection – aside from the structure of the roof, the roofing contractor will also take time on inspecting the materials used to build the outer and inner sections of the roof. Cracked, warped, or missing shingles will all be detected. The roofer will also look for any flashing issues, downspout problems, and more.

Interior inspection – you might think that a roof inspection just happens on the exterior portion of the house. However, a roof inspection is more than that. The roofer will also inspect the inner section of the roof including the attic, ceiling, and walls for any signs of rot, mold or other signs of roof damage.

Workmanship inspection – poor workmanship often compromises the quality of the roof. In fact, in many cases, poor workmanship results in the untimely aging of the roof. If the previous roofer didn’t do a good job, your roof will be susceptible to leaks and other problems. This will be one of the things that an expert roofer like CHS Roofing Contractors will be looking for.

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