roof inspectionA leaky roof is not something that you should not brush aside for later. Roof leaks need to be repaired as soon as possible. Small leaks can escalate into major roofing problems in just a short amount of time. If you are convinced that your roof is leaking, you should hire a roofing contractor. A roof inspection is the only way you can figure out if there are actually leaks on the roof, how many areas are affected, and how to solve all of them in one fell swoop.

How to spot roof leaks

Before you call in a Columbia roofing contractor, you should first determine whether or not your roof is leaking. There are instances where you can spot false positives. It sounds strange but the roof could appear to have leaks when it doesn’t have any. In special cases, the lack of proper roof ventilation could promote the abundance of moisture in the attic. This is the reason for that damp feel you might get. However, it can be confusing. If there are no visual signs of leaks, you shouldn’t be too confident. You should still hire a roofer for an inspection to make sure that your roof is free of any leaks.

Ice dams

A harsh winter could cause ice dams to form on your roof. As we all know, water expands when it solidifies. Any water that’s trapped in between the shingles could harden and lift the shingles slightly. Although the chances of having roof leaks through this are small, it shouldn’t be brushed aside. When ice dams form on your roof, the sheer weight of the ice is putting a lot of strain on the roof. This strain can sometimes translate to roof leaks when the ice thaws in spring, leaving you needing roof repair.

Flashing issues

Flashing is used to protect junction points on the roof from water. It is what helps make the roof watertight. However, the flashing could deteriorate over time especially the adhesive that holds it in place. When the flashing has deteriorated to some extent, it could possibly become the reason for roof leaks. This is why the roof should be inspected at least once a year by a professional roofer like CHS Roofing Contractors.

Issues with shingles

After decades of exposure to the elements, asphalt shingles will deteriorate. Although the process is gradual, there will come a point when you see your shingles crack, buckle, or get dislodged. When this time comes, you must consider getting your roof repaired or replaced. Roof leaks often result from a number of issues that are present. For older roofs, the issues might be piling up. To avoid costly repairs in the long run, be sure to have your roof maintained regularly. Also, only hire a professional roofing contractor for the maintenance. This way, you can rest assured that your roof will serve you well for the years to come.

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