roofing contractorInstalling a new roof will cost you an average of $5,443 – $11,206 and that’s a lot of money for most people. However, your roof is a part of your investment – your home. That’s why you should do everything you can to make your roof last a long while before you need to have it replaced. Any roofing contractor you ask would tell you that a roof can last up to 25 years. Now, that’s the average lifespan of a roof. However, the actual lifespan of your roof might differ. It could be longer or shorter depending on a number of factors.

Ways on how you could improve the lifespan of your roof

Remove any moss or mold

Moss or mold can grow on your roof if the conditions are right. Excess moisture will allow moss to thrive. While it may take years before moss could do significant damage to your roof, the threat is still there. Other than being unsightly, moss could also cause your roof to age prematurely. If you notice that your roof starts to discolor and patches of moss start to appear, have it cleaned by a professional roofing contractor Columbia, SC right away. Don’t let problems get worse before you have to deal with them.

Check for leaks regularly

Leaking is one major concern homeowners often have. Roof leaks can cause damage to the roof itself, and the house in general, particularly the attic. Big leaks are often easy to spot. However, smaller leaks require professional attention. These are the problems that need expert eyes. Leaks can be dangerous especially when it is left unnoticed for so long. It could create a number of issues on your roof. It is important that when doing roof maintenance, the roof must also be checked for leaks.

Don’t let tree branches grow over your roof

Trees are notorious for poking holes on the roof. Strong winds brought by thunderstorms, hailstorms, and more can cause fallen tree branches. The best way to deal with such situations and to prevent them in the first place is to trim tree branches. Make sure there are no overhanging branches that could possibly rub on the roof or fall on it when strong winds blow.

Check for missing shingles

Another thing to do is check for missing shingles. Most of the time, the cause of missing shingles is deterioration. Asphalt shingles are made to last. They don’t just become dislodged for no apparent reason. It takes a significant amount of force and wear to knock roof shingles off.

Get a roof inspection

If you really want to make your roof last longer than it should, have it maintained on a regular basis. Roof maintenance is the key to roof longevity. However, roof maintenance is most effective when done by experts such as CHS Roofing Contractors. When you are in need of roofing services, call the pros.

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