roofing contractorRoofing contractors work all throughout the year so when customers call them for roof replacement, they’ll heed your call. Most homeowners will wait for as long as they can so they could extend the life of their roof.

Needless to say that the perfect time for a roof installation is when you’ve successfully planned ahead and you’re not making a rash and quick decision. When any residential or commercial building owner have to repair or install a new roof, it can be quite a hassle to schedule the work. There are many questions that need to be answered like when is the perfect time to build, which company to hire, and if it’s cheaper to build during summer, spring, or fall?

Peak and offpeak Roofing Season

The busiest time of the year for roofing contractors is during late summer through the fall season. In most cases, roofing contractors are so busy that several homeowners have to wait for up to one month and that’s if they could even find a dependable roofing contractor for their roof installation or roof replacement project.

The reason why homeowners prefer this time of the year is that it’s after the rainy season and the days have started to cool down and the weather has become more predictable. Keeping a dry roof is the primary concern. You don’t want any rain shower or sprinkle to get inside your home.

Pricing is another issue for roof installation during this time of the year. But since it’s the busiest time of the year for many roofing contractors, roofing suppliers have to wait until before the peak season to increase their prices. This generally happens on or after April 1. After this date, you will see roofing contractors and home builders to increase their prices, too. Because of this, homeowners are encouraged to do a roof replacement during summer, spring, and winter season.

Roof Replacement During Winter

One benefit to roofing during the winter season is that homeowners can choose any roofing contractor for their roof installation project since most are not too busy during this period. During the installation of asphalt composite shingles, the manufacturers don’t alter their warranties according to installation temperature. They provide the same warranty when a roof is installed at any other time of the year.

New shingles have to go through thermal sealing, which may require several days under at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Another benefit is that the prices of roofing materials are more affordable during these months.

Roof Replacement During Summer

Summer is considered to be a busy time for roofing contractors. One drawback to shingle installation during summer is that these materials can get damaged easily if the roofing contractor is not careful when using their nail gun. They have to be cautious when adjusting the pressure when using the nail guns and they must avoid having too much human traffic on the roof.

The best time of the year for a roof installation or roof replacement Columbia while enjoying the best price from a trustworthy roofing company is mostly about planning in advance. If you know that your roof is up for a replacement, you have to schedule the job in advance so you can secure a spot on the schedule of the roofing company and sign a contract so that you get the current price for the labor and materials. In case for some reason you don’t want to do this, you can try to schedule the roof installation or roof replacement project during spring or early summer.

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