roof replacementHaving the roof on your house replaced is an investment in your comfort, safety, and overall value of your home. Still, you need to have the cash to cover the roof replacement project. The more information that you have regarding the possible cost of a new roof, the better prepared you will be for this crucial investment. Here are the factors that need to be considered when trying to determine the roof replacement cost and how to make sure that your budget is enough for the project.

The Materials Will Affect The Roof Replacement Cost

The roof replacement cost will largely depend on the kind of materials that you choose. Most roofing firms offer metal roof, tile, and asphalt shingle options. When it comes to upfront costs, shingle roofs are the least expensive and can last for up to 25 years. Tile roofs are costlier upfront. However, their repair and maintenance is easy and it can last up to 50 years. Metal roofs are costlier than shingle roofs but they provider more energy savings. If properly cared for, metal roofs can last for up to 70 years. So, if you are pricing a roof replacement project, you need to consider the lifetime costs and how long you will plan to live in your home.

Are there financing options for roof replacement?

In some cases, homeowners insurance may cover the cost of roof replacement or roof repair if the damage was unexpected, such as after a storm. But your insurance coverage will depend on the policy you have. You also need to be prepared because you may have limited choices.

You may also find financing programs that lets homeowners use part of the equity of their home to pay for energy efficiency and safety upgrades. The cost is then repaid as part of your property taxes, either through or directly from escrow in case you have a mortgage, over a period that may last as long as 30 years.

It does not need a credit check and you can repay it early without having to worry about a credit check. Some roofing companies provide inhouse financing to make loan applications simpler. Your roofing contractor can assist you in finding the most appropriate financing option for your current situation and the cost of the roof that you want.

Should You Delay Roof Repair?

You should consider the cost of keeping damaged roof and compare it to the cost of the roof replacement. You’ll know if you need a new one if you can see signs of mold, missing shingles or sagging ceilings. You have the option to repair your roof but it could also lead to bigger problems, which could result into an emergency roof replacement.

A neglected and damaged roof could result into water damage, structural damage, and high utility bills. If your roof has gone beyond the expected life span, these problems are most likely to take place. Hire a roofing contractor and have your roof inspected right away.

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