roof repairDuring the winter season, homeowners have many concerns about their roof. Cold temperatures, rain, and high winds may also cause damage to your roof. Since roof repair cannot prevent a minor roof problem from getting worse, here are some of the winter roofing issues that can be fixed right away.

Roof Repair Problems During Winter

Water Leaks

Higher precipitation during this time of the year creates a high risk for roof leaks. In case your roof has been compromised already, which is the case if you have damaged or missing shingles, water leaks are of great concern.

Rain can slip into the openings of the roof and find their way down below. This may lead to noticeable water stains in your attic, mold growth, and rotting wood. Aside from that, roof leaks are more difficult to detect during this period because of the colder season. But once spring comes, you may end up dealing with a bigger and expensive roof repair Columbia problem.

Thermal Shock

Temperatures remain unpredictable even when going into the colder months. Consequently, there are instances when temperatures drop from 50 degrees to below the freezing point. The thawing and freezing of your roof because thermal shock, which could significantly damage several components at once. As the roof contracts and expands, flashing and seams are loosened, which will leave you more vulnerable to roof leaks.

Gutter Damage

Gutters are important during this time of the year, as they let water on your roof to move down to the ground under. If gutters are filled with retaining water and debris, this water will then freeze once the temperature drops. It may cause the gutters to become detached from the roof. They may also crack if they start to become way too heavy, which means they won’t be able to serve their purpose.

If you are concerned about the status of your roof this season, it’s time to talk to a roofing contractor.

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