roofing inspectionIt is beneficial to keep your roof in good shape. After all, it is one of the most important areas of your home. Although roofing materials are made to last, they do still need some care and attention every once in a while. A roof inspection will be necessary. Whether it is DIY or a professional roof inspection, it will all count. Of course, the latter is more effective since professional roofers can the right tools and techniques that make it easier to detect any issues not directly visible.

Check out these roof inspection tips:

Be on the lookout for moss, algae, and a pile of leaves

Most of the time, roofing issues are easily detected. A quick visual inspection of the roof will yield good results. Check your roof for any signs of algae or moss growth. If you notice that there are patches of moss in some areas of your roof, it could be that the particular spot retains moisture. It could be the result of a leak that is allowing for moss or algae to bloom. Areas affected by algae and moss must be cleaned thoroughly. A professional roofing contractor uses pressure washers designed specifically for use on roofs.

Check for shingles issues

Again, a visual inspection can do a lot. Check your shingles if there are any that are missing. Also, check whether there are shingles that have cracked or curled. Oftentimes, you will need to get closed in order to notice cracks on the shingles. This is where a close-up inspection comes in. If you are not comfortable climbing up the roof and doing the roofing inspection Columbia, SC yourself, hire a professional roofer.

Do a close-up roof inspection

If you can’t seem to notice any issues from afar, better do a close-up visual inspection. This can be done in two ways. You could either climb up the roof and do the inspection yourself or have a drone carry out the inspection while you watch the monitor from below. Again, it’s better to hire a professional roofing contractor for this kind of task. Not all people are comfortable with heights. If you are one of them, hiring a roofer can be a godsend.

Check your attic

A quick way of checking for any leaks is to inspect your attic. If there are any damp areas, you have the first sign of a leak, you can then inspect the area on the roof where the leak could have possibly originated.

Consider professional roof inspection

If you really want to make your roof last for a long time, you should consider hiring an expert like CHS Roofing Contractors to do the roof inspection. Bear in mind that DIY roof inspections can only do so much when compared to that of a professional inspection. The safer option is to hire a roofer who can thoroughly inspect your roof, detect issues, and deal with them accordingly.

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