roof repairGetting roof repair is not a question of whether you should or should not have it. In time, you will need to have your roof repaired. At some point, your roof will experience issues that require immediate action. But how much does roof repair cost? Obviously, it’s not just about the cost that’s in the minds of homeowners but rather the extent of the damage. Getting your roof repaired as soon as possible is the most effective means of putting an end to roofing issues and avoiding costlier repairs down the line. If you are planning on having your roof repaired this year, check out the rest of this article.

What you need to know about roof repair in 2021

There are different kinds of roofing issues. Some are more severe than others. However, let’s break down the roofing problems into three categories; minor, moderate, and major. Each category has a different price range. Do note that the pricing indicated below is just a general estimate of what roof repair Columbia, SC would cost. The actual cost of repairing your roof will depend on factors like availability of materials and labor costs. Below is the ballpark for the three roof repair categories:

  • $150 to $400 for minor repairs
  • $400 to $1,200 for moderate repairs
  • $1,200 to $3,500 for major repairs

As you can see, roof repairs could cost anywhere from $150 up to $3,500 for more serious cases. Bear in mind that your roofing contractor might charge you less or more depending on the severity of the damage on your roof.

As for the contractor who does the repairs, make sure that you are hiring a reliable roofing contractor. Pricing isn’t the only criteria for hiring a roofer. A roofer like CHS Roofing Contractors offers quality services at reasonable prices. Roof repair doesn’t need to be expensive. However, a comprehensive inspection of the damage will reveal the true extent of the problem and how much it would cost to fix all the issues. Once this is done, the roofer can provide an accurate quote for the repairs.

Common types of roofing problems you need to be aware of:

Roof leaks – any kind of roof leak is a serious problem. Even a tiny hole that causes water to drip from your roof down to your attic is cause for concern. Leaks can worsen quickly and damage could escalate fast. That’s why you should have a roofer fix leaks the soonest you find them.

Damaged flashing – flashing is the part of the roof that covers the joint areas of the roof. They are held together by adhesive. Over time, the flashing could deteriorate, causing leaks.

Missing, broken, or curled shingles – shingles that are curled, broken, or missing should be fixed right away. They can quickly cause leaks which can also bring about even worse situations.

Tree damage – if you have any trees near your home, be sure to prune them. Any overhanging branches can easily damage your roof.

Aged roof – an old roof isn’t necessarily a bad one. However, when your roof has passed its prime, it will have more problems that will require repairs or replacement.

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